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James Bond Party - Bond at the Casino



July 2003


Stacey in Fountain Valley, CA

Honorable Mention

Old Movies Themes

James Bond Party for Adults  I held this party at home. 

I made invitations on plain white paper to look like a memo from MI-6 (British military intelligene) with bullet hole graphics, saying something like "MI6 requests your help on a top secret matter.  Agent 007 3/8 is turning 40.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it"  I requested that our guests dress in disguise as either a bond girl, henchmen, villain agents and to RSVP to MI6 secretary Ms. Moneypenny as in the films.  I then enclosed the paper in a manila folder with the "Agent's" name (party guest) written on the tab, stamped the folder "Top Secret", slipped it into an manila envelope stamped "Confidential" and mailed to our party guests.  An inexpensive party invitatioin that was a big hit with our friends. 

Since James Bond loves Casinos, I rented a few casino tables (craps table and 2 black jack tables) and dealers from a local rental place for about $600.00 for 5 hours.  I decorated the garage with casino paraphanalia from a party store and hung black plastic tablecloths on a roll (from Smart & Final)from the rafters to hide the walls.  It looked just like drapery! 

If you're washer/dryer is in the garage, cover it with a board and tablecloths and turn it into a bar.  We used the garage sink as an ice bucket and stuck beer, soda and champagne in there to keep cool.  The casino looked great, almost unrecognizeable as the garage! 

I catered with Indonesian food and I made various appetizers.  All food was finger food so it was not too messy.  I made pitchers of flavored martinis, and offered a variety of juices to mix with champagne.  I found plastic martini glasses and champagne glasses at a party supply store and wrote the names of various bond girls, villains, and heroes on the glasses so people would not misplace their glass.

The birthday cake was a 1/2 sheet cake that the bakery decorated with a man in a tuxedo driving a convertible grey car.  Very Bond-like. 

I found "spy ears" on ebay and laid them out for guests to use to listen in on conversations. 

All of our guests dressed up, gambled and participated in spy-like behavior.  I had a few prizes for those guests that won big at the gaming tables, such as a bottle of champagne, basket of bath goodies, Camelback pack, etc. 

A great time was had by all and I highly recommend this theme for anyone who is a fan of James Bond movies.

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