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Medieval Party -30yr- Scroll Invites



October 2008


Nicky in Dubbo,NSW,Australia

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30th Thirtieth Party

For my husband and mine 30th birthday we wanted to have a real medieval theme party.

For INVITATIONS we made mini scrolls on thin paper, we glued rods at each end of the the paper which was around 10cm by 20cm. And had them rolled up to the middle with a piece of thin leather bounding them together, they looked fantastic.  We addressed the invitation to either, princess, prince, duke, duchess etc. and wrote you are cordially invited to the celebration of the 30th year of. In recognition of the prestigious event it is required that you attend decked out in your most suitable attire (medieval wear) for such an event.  This celebration is to take place on the grounds of (address) and on the Day of  Celebrations will commence at 6pm.  Since my husband an I were taking a trip for our 30th we told people that instead of presents that copper" will be much appreciated. 

DECORATIONS. This was where we had a lot of fun. The house where we had the party had a very long back verandah which covered the whole of the back of their house which was perfect we borrowed some tables and put them all in a long row I went to a fabric store which was having a sale and brought 15 meters of a chocolate brown material I used this as a table cloth so that it covered the whole length of the tables.. (the tables fit 50 people all up so it was 24 people long)  we used the rest of the material and other material I had brought and hung it up around the roof of the verandah. I had also painted some coat of arms on to pieces of board and cut them out using a jigsaw so we place these around on the walls as well. I actually tracked down mine and my husbands own coat of arms and painted them just for that little added bonus. 

Next we brought a heap of candles for the table we used a few table candelabras which we borrowed from different people and in any other gaps just used big round candles by them selfs we didn't have to worry about getting wax on the table cloths because we were only going to throw them out anyway.  We also had 2 big floor candelabras which we were able to get a hold of and covered them in candles as well. It looked great when it was all lit up we didn't need to turn on any lights . 

We had an old cooking pot which had been used for camping years back and it was perfect it was thick and round with a lift up handle and since it was so old it was covered in rust giving it that really old look. We hung this on an old bird cage holder and left this at the entrance for anyone to put any money in it. (this way people didn't feel like they had to give us anything if they didn't want to or didn't have it.)  If I had more time I would have done the garage sales and found a heap of old goblets for people to drink from but ran out of time so I ended up with some plastic goblets expect for the 2 we drank from. We had wire salad bowls painted black in the middle of the tables with bread rolls and bread cobbs in them.  We also had fire pits (old drums) in the yard for people to mingle around. 

COSTUMES everyone came decked out in everything from wizards to Scottish warriors covered in warpaint.  It looked great and really added something to the night. I made mine and my husbands costumes using imitation leather and fur patterned thick material it ended up being cheeper than hiring something and was more like what we wanted. The really cheap fake fur worked well for capes.  We chucked a few fake jewels on the outfit and had sort of a barbarian/warrior costume.

PARTY SNACKS to keep in the theme we were able to have a hungie in the back yard. (which is a big hole and you spend all day cooking your food on hot coals) this went really really well we had a heap of meat and a heap of veggies. The idea was to just to have chunks of meat/chicken and bread with some veggies.  It was properly the nicest meal I have ever eaten. Of course we had heaps of wine as well.

The CAKE was amazing. My sister-in-law went all out and made us a castle using those small lamingtions as bricks and had it covered with chocolate as well it had towers and a draw bridge and was fantastic they had put sparkles coming out of the top of the towers.   All in all it was a fantastic night in which everyone got into the feel of and had fun."

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