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Treinta Party -30yr- Party Bus



November 2001


Melissa in Boynton Beach, FL USA

Honorable Mention

30th Thirtieth Party

Turning 30 seemed depressing for some, but I thought it was meant to be my "coming out" party.  I always admired the idea in the Hispanic culture of a "Quinceneara" where a young girl who turns 15 becomes a woman and celebrates dancing in full formal attire with 15 boys and 15 girls.  I took it a step further.  I hosted my very own "Treinta" - which is Spanish for "30". 

I rented a 60 passenger charter bus, invited 30 men, 30 women..had them all meet at a very popular public gathering/shopping/dining area dressed in the following:  Women:  old bridesmaids' or prom gowns that don't fit anymore, or outdated formal gowns ..the uglier the better. Accessories such as wigs, tacky jewelry, sneakers were highly encouraged.  Men:  Any unfitted, mismatched tuxedo from a thrift store.  Accessories were encouraged as well.  My friends / family had SUCH a good time trying to out do each other for the coveted title of "worst dressed" (yes I had trophies) it was hysterical.  They said they had more fun finding an outfit and getting dressed than they would have imagined.    They met at this location, and I arrived in the back of a pick-up truck wearing a tiara, and a REAL Quince gown complete with pastel ruffles and crinoline!!!  (I think the rap song "Ugly" was playing from the truck). 

Passers-by all thought we were in some kind of play or something.  I arranged for the charter bus to drive right up - pick us up and drive to the party I arranged about 30 minutes away.  We had more fun on that bus with our "mobile cocktails"!  I rented (cheap price) the VFW hall and there we had simply horrible decorations.  It was PERFECT!  I found "Quince" decorations and we crossed out Quince and wrote Treinta on everything.  Open bar (because those halls have cheap drinks) and we danced for hours with the DJ I provided.  Highlight of the night:  I made everyone break up into teams of 4-5 and gave each team a bag.  In the bag was a one time camera, a set of directions, scissors and 50 feet of ribbon.  They were to complete a photo scavenger hunt - out on the streets surrounding the VFW in about 30 minutes. 

One catch - because not everyone KNEW each other - I made them use the scissors and ribbon and tie themselves up to one another - wrist to wrist!!! Had to take pics of themselves all shoved into a restroom stall in one of the exclusive restaurants in the neighborhood; become bartenders; sing with a band at a nearby bar; etc. etc. 

Last item:  they had to bring people (off the streets) BACK to the party to judge the worst dressed contest.  Before long I didn't recognize anyone - but even the strangers said they never had a better time!  They had to do ALL of this, take pics while running around the streets TIED to one another AND Dressed horribly!     I can't possibly tell you how much fun I had the entire night.  Thanks to an amazing group of family and friends who have absolutely NO shame it was a night that will live in infamy!

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