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30 of Everything -30yr- 30 Candles in the Yard



April 2002


Julie in Marblehead, Ohio, USA


30th Thirtieth Party

My son turns 30 April 30th.  We searched high and low for different items in amounts of 30. 

We found the following items:  30 bagged cotton balls, 30 golf tees, 30 golf ball markers, 30 band aids, 30 party poppers, 30th confetti, 30 color magic marker package, 30 weight oil, 30 min video camera tape, 30 ft measure tape, 30th banner, packaged 30 disposal dental flossers, 30 water balloons, #30, card with 30 unknown signatures, 3 cards for 30th BD, 30 packages of spring garden seeds.  Everywhere we went we looked for different prepackaged items. 

And when we asked different people to sign  his card, they enjoyed being a part of his celebration.  We are hoping to make 30 candles, about 12" high, attach them to dowels and put them in his front yard.  No matter the outcome of his birthday celebration, we have had more fun making up the package of gifts!

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