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Surprise Luau -30yr- Hawaiian Music



Sept 2002


Kari in Bayport, Minnesota - USA


30th Thirtieth Party

I threw a Surprise 30th B-Day party for my husband, with a Hawaiian Luau theme. 

Food served was marinated Pork & chicken breasts, watermelon boat fruit salad, pasta salad, veggies and dip, and a cake shaped like a pineapple. 

I Spread out sea shells on the buffet table with some authentic Hawaiian shell leis.  Leis were passed out to all guests, and I requested on the invitations that they dress in Hawaiian attire. 

Played Hawaiian Luau music CD's & lit tikki torches all around our deck & pool area.

I bought some tag board to put together a collage of different photos of my husband.  Ranging from his baby photo, pictures with friends (guests you know will be attending), "funny-face" photos of him, photos with animals.   And displayed the caricature of the both of us that we had done at the State Fair a few years ago. 

My father was there to videotape the event for a few hours; even later on when the party started to "loosen up" a bit more!  I took photos of the guests, especially the couples, to send the guests after the party as a "thank you" for a gift or a "thanks" for coming.  I pre-arranged a babysitter ahead of time, to help take care of any children people may bring with to the party.

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