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I'm a Big Kid Now -40yr- Nascar Drive Gift



March 2005


Julia in Odenville, AL USA


40th Fortieth Party

My husband just had a 40th birthday.  He is as speed fanatic and truly a kid at heart.  Instead of giving him the typical "Over The Hill" party, I decided to have a "I'm a big kid now" surprise birthday party.

I made the invitations on my computer that said David is turning 40, but he's not over the hill . . .  He's A Big Kid Now!! etc...   I also enclosed another invitation that looked like a race ticket inviting them to the Talladega Superspeedway the day after his party to watch him drive a real NASCAR with the Richard Petty driving course (Which was my birthday present to him.) I made sure to write "and shhh... it's a surprise" at the bottom of both invitations.   

I borrowed his budy's shop where they work on thier race cars, and decorated everything in Black and White (Black to represent "old" and white to represent "young") with NASCAR decorations as well.  I also made a banner with photos in scrapbook style chronicling his 40 years of life which included pics of his many adventureous hobbies.  I hung the banner across the large garage doors. 

We had BBQ with all the fixins, buffet style and a talble with various metal buckets iced down with big kid drinks and little kid drinks. 

When he walked in with his friend he was truly surprised.  After 30 mins or so I got everyones attention and told the birthday boy that I had one more surprise for him and presented him with the "ticket invitation" that everyone had received.  When he read that he would be driving a NASCAR the following morning he was really excited. 

He said that his 40th was the best birthday ever.  One of his friends even told me that I had already gotten the wife of the year award, and it's only March!

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