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Fifties Surprise -50yr- Elvis Impersonator



August 2005


Tina in Magnolia Texas USA

Honorable Mention

50th Fiftieth Party

For my mother's 50th birthday.  I decided to do a Fifties Surprise Party.   I first made Poodle Skirt Invitations.  I used black cardstock as the card.  I used pink cardstock to cut out the shape of the poodle skirt & glued to front of card.  I then found a black poodle dog stamp and the front of the card looked just like a poodle skirt which set the theme for the party!  Inside the invitation I told everyone to "Get on their bobby sox and get ready to do the twist.... but Remember SHHHH" Etc. I also asked that everyone arrive 30 minutes prior to my mother's arrival @ 5pm.

I rented our local Community Building... which was nearly costless & perfect for the occassion.  Community Buildings are usually free for local residents and they provide the table & chairs.  We paid a little extra to have the facility until midnight. This allowed me to splurge and hire an Elvis impersonator for only $125!  Decorations were pink and black steamers hung through out.  I made pink signs that I made from my computer and hung through out building that said "Julie rocks into her 50's" "Aint it Nifty to be 50" & "Julie cruizes into 50".  I also had old black and white photo's of my mother as a child in the 1950's framed and placed on buffet & gift table.

I used red and white checkered table clothes on all the tables. Arround 45 people came. We all watched out the window and when mom finally pulled into the parking lot... we turned out the lights and all stood together to yell "SURPRISE!"  (My mother thought she was attending a recital for my daughter.)   She was surprised and so happy to see so many of her closest family and friends.  She was so excited about the theme too!

We then opened up the BUILD YOUR OWN ROCK N ROLL BURGER & HOUND DOG HOT DOG BUFFET.  We served root beer and coca cola in the old glass bottles.  While awaiting Elvis's entrance... we played old 50's rock n roll.  Chubby Checkers, Jerry Lee Lewis etc. My sister and I were dressed in matching poodle skirts and acted as Car hops though out the evening serving rootbeer floats, RC cola & Moon pies.  The Elvis impersonator was the BEST!  He sang for an hour.  Mostly Elvis's songs from the 1950's.  When he sang "Be my Teddy Bear"... he walked over to my mom and handed her a teddy bear.  He also would walk around to some of the other ladies and pass out scarves.  HE WAS WONDERFUL and got everyone into the dancing spirit.

Once Elvis finished his show, we started the games.   We had the adults do the hoola hoop contest and they would win Fuzzy dice (found at $ store).  The grand prize for the Limbo contest was an "I LOVE LUCY" DVD.  We also let children do the contest and they would win a loof bag of popular 1950's candy that I was able to find & put together.  ie: Mary Janes, Tootsie rolls, & Good & Plenty.  The kids thought that was so neat to see what the candy was back then.

Once the games were over, we then brought out the birthday cake.  I made & decorated the cake to look like a Poodle Skirt.  I took two sheet cakes placed together and cut out the shape of a poodle skirt, which was easy.  I used pink icing on the cake and used black icing to draw out shape of poodle and belt.  Mom loved the whole party and the highlights were the Elvis impersonator & my sister and I serving floats. It really took us all back in time and even the little kids was amazed and thought he was "the real Elvis".  TOO CUTE!

Everyone in the family said it was the best party they have ever attended and wanted my sister and I to plan our next family reunion… if we could hire the Elvis again!!!   This party will forever be etched into my Mother's heart.

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