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Golden Party -50yr- Poster of Old Photos



Sept 2002


Linda in Victor, NY


50th Fiftieth Party

My brother just turned 50, his "Golden Birthday". Of course we had gold balloons, streamers, cups, plates etc.

But We wanted to embarrass him (he has a great sense of humor) so through the magic of computers we printed large pictures of him "through the years". Including the disco hair, high school dance, 5 year old muscle man pose. etc! We asked lots of people for pictures and were able to return them unharmed because we scanned, cropped, and printed them off our computer. We created a large project board to display them and put a few in other places with funny captions. Then we took a current picture and, again with the computer, made him bald and toothless! We put it with a caption "today...tomorrow?".

On the tables we had printed, on gold paper, headings "He's not old...He's Golden" and then sayings "He's not old! The US is 176 years older than Larry" "He'not old! T-Rex is 64,999,950 years older than Larry" "...Elvis is 10 years older.." "...Trees are 399,999,950 years older...". We got all kinds of things like hearing aid, dentures, Bugs Bunny, the lightbulb, the pyramids, the older the better!

Then since we didn't know everyone who would be there we thought names tags would be good. We printed up sayings on the tags "I knew Larry when..." "dinosaurs roamed the earth", "bell bottoms were in (the first time)", "rocks were currency", "an order of chicken wings and a diet pepsi was a hot night..wait that's now!". Some of them were really funny and made good icebreakers for people who didn't know each other.

We also created another poster with a large current picture in the center and had people write messages all around it. Finally "The Grimm Reaper" (friend in costume) surprised him with the cake an hovered over him as he tried to blow out all 50 candles! And we sang a 'repeat after me' song we made up to an army marching tune! It was a great success!

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