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Apres Ski Party -50yr- Ski Memorabilia



Oct 2003


Kate in Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales


50th Fiftieth Party

For my mum's 40th we had a caribbean theme, so when it came to organising her 50th the complete opposite was a Ski theme.

This turned out to be a huge success. We called it "Apres Ski" which means after skiing so guests were left to interpret this as just of the slpoes, so still wearing ski suits or evening dress, someone even wore a fake leg cast!

On arrival at our local village hall, we had candle lights outside leading you to the door, all guests were given a hand made ski pass with my mum's photo on it, and a glass of hot mulled wine which created a fantastic smell and atmosphere in the hall.

We decorated the room with candles and fairy christmas lights, as well as ski memorabilia, covered the tables in gingham check tablecloths and served beef stroganof for dinner.

We also had a friend cook a huge pan of Tartiflec, which is a french speciality dish which is often eaten on the ski slopes because of its high carb content. He cooked it in a huge piella pan in the hall and it just added to the entertainment.

The night was brillient and involved much drinking and dancing, we did the music ourselves to save money but it turned out to be much easier because we could choose the songs we wanted.

I did look into getting a snow machine, but we decided this may have been a bit messy!

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