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Borderline Gambling -50yr- Chartered Bus



Feb. 2004


Sylvia in Long Beach, Ca..


50th Fiftieth Party

It's my 50th birthday and I have decided to charter a bus to do a Turn-A-Round Party Bus to the BorderLine of California and Nevada.  Casino playing of 5 hours. 

My invitations will have a picture of me as a small child (of course) at a party, and the invitation will state the events of the day and the itineary. There respond card is a postcard from Whiskey Pete's, where the guest will just have to mark yes or no and how many will attend. We meet at 7 am in the morning. 

Everyone on the bus will get a breakfast box, coffee, and juice.  We will be giving out Baseball hats with an embrodiary of Whiskey Pete with my dates for men and Visors for the ladies. 

There will be playing Bus Bingo for CASH, Storytelling, subject "who you know or meet Sylvia".  When we arrive everyone will get a free coupon for the Buffet.  On the way back we will open the champagne and toast and a snack box.

Before everyone departs home or to their hotel, they will each be given a box with a 4" chocolate brownie cake, topped with a round circular chocolate with my picture as a child, with a thank you note on top of the box.  To end this perfect party.

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