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Nemo Shower - Do You Remember Game



February 2008


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Baby Shower Party

When I found out my bestfriend was having a baby I could not wait to start planning the shower. She decided to do the nursery in finding nemo so that's what we did the shower in.  We started by setting a date, time and place. I made the invitations on mycomputer. The front read your invited to a shower and had a picture of a baby girl playing with nemo and dory. The inside had all the info and we also wrote if you would like to particapate in the door prize please bring a jar of baby food. 

For the decorations we bought nemo character stuffed aniamls,(witch the mom to be took home for the nursery) blue and pink tablecloths, blue silverware tied together with ribbion, baby girl plates, napkins, blue and pink balloons, baby shower banners, and baby themed cut outs. We hung baloons and baby shower sign in front.  We decorated the mom to be table with a blue table cloth, nemo characters, a baby picture frame and a baby shower sign. The other tables had pink or blue tablecloths and a nemo character as the center piece.

We also had bowls of candy and meat and cheese plates on each table for guests to snack on. We also had fish shaped cookie cutters at each setting with a pink ribbion for the favors. The guests loved them.   We hung the baby girl cut outs all over the hall.

At the gift table we had a blue table cloth and a bassanet shaped card box.  As the guests arrived we put there names on the bottom of the baby food jars they brought and set them on a table. As soon as everyone arrived we started the games witch I made on my computer.  The cover page was a stork with a baby girl and it read a shower To welcome our little prinsses. The first game was do you remember and had a picture of dory looking confused. We played this game by asking the guests to look in a box that was filled with nemo and baby items. Then they had to try to remember what was in the box.

Next  was word scramble. I scambled baby related words and nemo characters and they had to figure out what the word was. Ex:ybab a: baby. Third we played baby bingo. The guests wrote what they thoght the mom to be would get on bingo boards and as she opened her gifts they would cross it off and if they got 4 in a row they yelled bingo and got a prize. Last was the door prize a child attending the shower picked four jars and whose name was on the bottom won a sheetz gift card. The mom to be took the baby food home. 

After the games we ate ham, mashed potatoes, corn and rolls. For dessert we had a choclate fountin with fruits, gram crackers, ect. For dipping. We also had a rocking horse and nemo cake. For drinks we had punch, coffee, and tea.  The mom to be was so happy with her shower and everyone had a great time.

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