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Baby Shower Luau - Baby Bingo



July 2006


Minnie in Lake Butler, FL USA


Baby Shower Party

Baby Shower Luau: My mom and I hosted this for my brother an his wife, who were expecting a baby boy.  We had a co-ed party.

INVITATIONS:  I took the graphic from the under the sea partyware and added TABLEWARE: We chose a child themed under the sea pattern; we accented with baby blue plates and napkins.

DECORATIONS: For the doorway to the party, we found a dolphin curtain in blue; I made a diaper cake with fish themed clothes, blanket, and towel as one of the main tables centerpieces (it had a whale bath toy as a topper); we used an "It's a Boy" banner over the main table; for the other tables, I spread real kid's play sand down the middle of the tables in a line.  To that I added real seashells, blue tea-light candles, and little tropical umbrellas all spaced out along the sand. 

We had 2 ivy bowls (found in craft section of Wal-mart they look like little fish bowls) on each table.  I filled the bottom of the bowls with sand & shells and then added a floating sea life bath toy to the water.  OR You could add the little shiny flat marbles in blue to the bottom and then add real gold fish to the bowls.  OR another option would be to make blue Jell-o(especially good if the baby is a boy), then add edible shark or fish gummies to the Jell-o.

FOOD: We went Luau all the way!  We had a ham baked in a pineapple glaze; Hawaiian Sweet potatoes(or even a Sweet potato Souffle would be nice); Hawaiian Coleslaw; Corn on the cob; Hawaiian Sweet bread; Watermelon Carriage with fruit salad inside; Pineapple Upside down cake; Green Salad (with different dressings; shrimp on kabobs; and Blue punch.  You could also add tuna salad sandwiches.

GAMES:  Hula Hoop contest to tie in the Luau theme; Baby Bottle Drinking Contest (filled with pineapple juice see who can empty their bottle first); We also played a game of Baby Bingo while they were opening their gifts.  I hand-made the Bingo Cards on my computer with a dolphin diaper pin graphic on them (each square was a baby item; when that item was opened, you mark that space on your card); we also played the "Don't say the word BABY" game (see FAVORS below).

PRICES for game winners:  I bought little blue paper bags.  In them I put one candy bar. I made labels on the computer with a baby related description then attached one label to the bag (for example, on the label it would say "A very big baby"…then a container of 'Whoppers' would be in the bag.  We used many different candy bars and candy items for this.  This worked very well because both men and women enjoyed getting the candy.

FAVORS: Each guest got a lei when they arrived. These were used to play the "Don't say BABY" game.  Even if they lost their lei during the shower, after the shower (or when the guests left) they could take one with them.  I also bought the snack sized packs of Almond Joy (with 8 or 10 in a pack). I made little address labels and attached them to the back of the almond joys. On them it said, "Thank you for attending our shower. Love, Kelly, Sharon and our little bundle of 'JOY'!". I also added the date to it. Each person took one of these home with them, too. I think everyone had a good time and I really enjoyed co-hosting it!

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