Idea No.


Bachelorette Party - Photo Scavenger Hunt



May 2002


Tessie in New Orleans, LA


Bachelor/ette Party

Great for Bachleorette or Birthday!!!!  PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT!!

Divide group into teams and give them a disposable camera along with a list of outrageous things to do while other team members capture the moments on film. Give extra points for going the distance.

Some tasks can be.  Kiss a man in uniform, get four men to lift you into the air, get a stranger to propose to you, dance on the stage at a bar, cut the tag off of a strangers undies (extra points for actual undies), frisk a police officer, and many other crazy things.

After they are developed, make an album for the bride!!!!

This will give you hours of fun and you will be shocked at how crazy your friends really are!!

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