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Sweetheart Dinner Party - Newlywed Game



February 2001


Tami in Poteau, OK  USA


Black Tie Party

Adult Sweetheart Dinner Party  This was a fabulous way for friends to celebrate Valentine's Day together.  We had a Dinner Party with a Romantic Theme. 

We chose Italian Food.  To make the preparation easier, when inviting the guests we asked for each person to bring a dish to go with the theme. 

To prepare for the big night, we made a love song tape of all of our favorite songs, new and old and even some Italian tunes like "Amore" and "Valare".  The tape was played throughout the duration of the party. 

For decorations, the tables were set with white, pink and red lines, we used fine china and silverware, low vases of flowers, and candles.  I taped hearts all over the walls and put the names of the guests (ex: David & Lisa) on them.  The final preparation was the after dinner game, the Newlywed (or Overlywed)

Game.  I had pink and blue cards, for gals and guys.  Each person had four cards that were numbered 1-4 (a big number on one side, and a small corresponding number on the side where the person put his answer.) We watched the Newlywed Game reruns for a few weeks to get some questions that were favorable, and one of our friends has the game where we also got some questions. As we greeted the guests, we had them sign up if they were wanting to participate in the game.  And all 13 couples did!!! 

Dinner was buffet style, and there were tables set up throughout the dining and living room.  Then the guys went upstairs where my husband asked them their questions, while the ladies answered their questions with me downstairs.  Then we all met in the living room and the couples sat together, and I acted as the M.C. and asked the questions to the guys, and the ladies revealed the answers and vis-versa.  There was plenty of fun and laughter!  Some guests were tagged with new nick names. 

After the game, we awarded the couples with the highest and lowest scores with a prize.  Afterwards, more mingling went on, and as people left, they said it was a Blast!

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