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Five Dollar Formal - Tacky Formal Wear



Jan 2003


Shelley in Seattle, WA


Black Tie Party

Five Dollar Formal  It's prom all over again with one rule!

The party is formal but your outfit can only cost Five Dollars (NO EXCEPTIONS) Everyone will scour the thrift shops or find an old dress or suit from their closet (my friends all come from the 80's so their old dresses were PERFECT) The tackier the better. 

We created a "backdrop" of an old sheet and put a bunch of carnations in an old bottle for couples to take their pictures next to, We sold the pictures (Polaroids) as a memento for $5, of course. We actually made little picture holders as well.  

We put out a ballot box for guests to vote on the King and Queen of the formal.

The winners? One couple came cross-dressed, she in a tux, he in a formal gown...hilarious! 

The beer, wine, and hors d'oevres were also cheap but paid for from the Polaroid proceeds. Everyone had a great time.

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