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Money Theme Poker Party - Cocktails & Cigars



July 2005


Heather in Cedar Park, Texas


Casino Night Party

Money Theme Poker Party: 

Adult Invitations:  Over-sized $100 bills (can use fun money and enlarge on copy machine) with party info printed on back.  Roll up and slip into champagne glass with gold shredded mylar.  You can get cheap champagne glasses at yard sales, Goodwill, or Garden Ridge Pottery or you can use plastic.  Can't mail these, of course, they must be hand delivered!  

Decorations:  Play money, gold table cloths, gold coins, glittery top hats w/ gold mylar coming out of the top and gold and black balloons, champagne glasses set around.  We even had a giant martini glass that we filled with ice and tube shots of Goldshlager for the centerpiece.  Food was served on crystal and silver trays and a big silver ice bucket for the champagne.

Activity:  Poker Music:  Burn a cd of songs about money.  There are so many (you might be surprised).

Food and Drinks:  Champagne and caviar w/ all the trimmings, fancy hor'dourves, and of course, Goldslager.  Also, you could set up a cocktail bar or martini bar.

Party favors:  Cigars, fun money, black top hats and plastic dollar sign necklaces.

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