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80's Big Hair Party - Themed Tables



Dec 2002


Maryann in Webster, MA USA


80's Eighties Party

80's Big Hair Band Party. I am planning a 80's party for my husbands 40th birthday party.  I am renting out a restaurant (I am not cooking or cleaning, I am going to enjoy myself as well). 

I will have Hair bands theme tables. For example BonJovi table so on.

For favors I will have rubixcubes and aqua net hair spray. I plan on hiring a 80's band I have one in mind they are a all girls band and they put on a great show with all the get up.

I want to get a different band for the second half of the night. I want everyone to dress like the 80's.  My husband was in a 80's band and I have pictures of him with his big hair (bonjovi look a like).

So I plan on getting a cardboard cut out of him made for (30.00). Also I have video clips and recording of him and plan on embarrassing the hell out  of him with this and play them on a screen while we eat. HAAHEE I will have a board with then and now pictures. 

I think it will be a fun time. I look forward to this party.

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