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August 2002



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80's Eighties Party

1980'S THIRTIETH BIRTHDAY PARTY  I planned a surprise thirtieth birthday party for my husband.  I took on the 1980's theme since that was the time we were teenagers. 

I invited 30 people and had everyone come dressed in 1980's attire. The women all wore their husbands high school rings and letter jackets, some wore Madonna-style clothes with their collars flipped up, and I even had one couple come dressed as if they were going to the prom.  I set up a buffet style dinner in the dining room and used black and silver decorations. 

I had 1980's music playing and had taped shows of the Love Boat and old game shows playing on the TV.(You can tape these off of cable TV)

I had a 1980's quiz for everyone to take.  The couples worked as a team and the winner was awarded a 5lb bag of gummie bears (a favorite snack in the 80's).  I got the questions for the quiz off a 1980's website on the internet.  After the quiz, I turned down the lights and put on Chicago's song "You're the Inspiration" and all the couples got up and danced…..(the girl has her arms around the guys shoulder and all you do is sway).  But, the biggest surprise of all was for my guests. 

Before the party, I had contacted the parents of all the invited guests and had them send me pictures of our friends in their teenage years.  I had to contact parents from all over the US and Canada to get these pictures, but I did it. I got in touch with everyone.  I then made a collage of these pictures with my husband's senior picture in the very middle.  At the top of the collage it said "The Way We Were".  This was mounted in the middle of the room so that everyone could see it. 

The invited guests were totally surprised to see their own teenage pictures up on the wall when they got there.  So, everyone was surprised not only my husband.  We also had a "Most Changed" contest from the pictures. It was a great evening and lots of fun to see how our friends looked when they were younger.

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