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80s Theme -32yr- Karaoke Singing



December 2004


Regina in Richmond, KY USA

Honorable Mention

80's Eighties Party

I celebrated my 32nd Birthday this year with a tribute to my youth. My husband helped my throw a very memorable "80's" theme party for all of my friends. He created the background for the inivitations while I worked on the wording. The background was a pac-man screen with the actual characters. In the spaces was written: "Like, omigod, ______ is turning 32. It would be totally awesome if you could join us to celebrate." We also asked them to bring a picture of themselves from back in the day for our "wall of shame" and to come dressed in their favorite 80's fashions. We also indicated that this was for "adults" only.

DECORATIONS: I decorated everything in neon colors- pink, green , blue, orange. We hung posters on the walls of our basement of "The Breakfast Club", "Rocky," and "Star Wars", which we later gave away as prizes. We had neon fringed banners hung everwhere, bean bag chairs in the floor, and a Karaoke stage set up.

FOOD: We had the food catered from a local BBQ restaurant. We had pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, potato salad, baked beans, and chips.

CAKE: The cake had a picture of me from my Freshmen year in high scool and was deorated in neon orange.

ACTIVITIES: We had a Pac-man championship contest. The guests signed up to play and took turns playing the video game on our big screen TV until we had a top score winner. He received a medal with "Pac-man champ" inscribed on the back.  We awarded costume prizes in several categories: Best use of hairspray, best male/female costumes, best couple, most authentic 80's, etc. The prizes were medals with the categories inscribed on the back, which I ordered from Oriental Trading. 

My husband and I scouted flea markets for weeks trying to find 80's memorabelia. We hit the jackpot! We found Alf puppets, Smurf dolls, Pac-man glasses, Cabbage Patch kids eating trays, Menudo lunchbox,Dukes of Hazzard calendar, to name a few and dusted off our cassetes. We had these things sitting on a table marked "Back in the Day". The guests did not know that we had all of their names in a bowl. As we drew out a name, they could come to the table and select any piece of 80's history that they chose. They really had a good time.

We concluded the evening by singing Karaoke way up into the night. We have a machine and had made several booklets that listed all of the songs that you could choose from. We had everything from 80's hits to the "Grease Soundtrack" and everything in between.

PARTY FAVOR: I orded neon colored boxes from Oriental Trading and filled them with a "friendhip bracelet, mini rubix cube key chain, and "retro" candies. No one left the party empty handed. Most everyone came in their best 80's attire and everyone had a great time!! It was difinitely the BEST Birthday party I have ever had!

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