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Bargain Bragging



June 2008


Janette in Renton, WA


Girls Night Out

One day my girlfriend and I realized that when women get that Great Bargain" on something we can't wait to brag to all our friends what kind of bargain we got. We came up with a "The Cheaper it is...the cuter it is" gift exchange. One month before the eventand wrapped in a child's footie pj's and a blown up balloon for a head. This is not a White Elephant exchange. It is items that everyone would want. We draw numbers from a hat for gift selection.  Throughout the year I collect raffle gifts $2.50 and under. I put them in paper lunch bags with curly ribbon tied on. I randomly draw numbers for the raffle giveaways during the gift exchange as well. I have an accountant and rules committee there to figure out the highest percentage of discount and who won the most creative gift wrap. I give prizes for Best Bargain 2nd Best Bargain Most Creative Wrap 2nd best creative wrap. First person to arrive and the Best appetizer. Yes everyone brings an appetizer to share with the recipe to share also. Everyone then will vote for their favorite with a secret ballot. The rules committe will announce the winner. I again find bargains throughout the year for $5 or less for the big prizes.  During Appetizer hour. We have a margarita bar wine bar and a mysterious punch that makes ladies giggly. I have had anywhere from 18-30 people attend the party. It is always a hit and everyone goes home with an awesome gift. We have had $130 items that people have gotten for $9.99. I will usually buy an extra gift just incase someone feels there gift that they were giving was "bad"so they won't be embarrassed or to have someone exchange with if they are not happy with what they got when the exchange was over. I can honestly say I have never had so much fun and my personal cost to put this party on is less than $100. I remind everyone that Ross TJ Maxx Target and Marshall's are our best friends and this party shows how good some of us ladies are at getting that Bargain!"

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