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Girlfriend Cookie Exchange - Elephant Exchange



November 2005


Samantha in Houston, TX


Girls Night Out

Every year we do an Annual Girlfriend Cookie Exchange party. 

I send out the christmas theme invitations or wedding blank card stock(that you can buy at a craft store).  You can print this on your computer with all the directions, date, and rsvp#.  The women are to bring homemade cookies or candy in a basket. 

Every year we also ask that someone different host this event at their home.  The host will prepare the holiday fare or request a potluck dinner.  We have a table set up with holiday decorations for the cookies or candy.  Drinks and appetizers await the guest and numbers are past out to all at this time. 

The game we do every year is the elephant exchange gift.  Which I buy through out the year(photo frames, jewelry, lotions, etc).  First all the gifts are wraped and put on a decorated table.  Whom ever pulls number one will choose a gift from the pile first and to unwrap the gift for all to see.  Then number two has the option to take number ones gift or pick her own gift.  When the number gets higher they have the option to choose any of the lower numbers gifts.  When someone's gift has been taken they have to pick out a new gift. 

This game is so much fun since there is always a gift someone else wants.  After this we eat what the host has prepared and then we all vote on all the cookies and candy.  We vote on best cookie or candy, presentation, and most unusual.  I don't enter since I have to count the votes.  The votes are then counted in each division and awards are handed out(plus braging rights). 

The awards could be an apron which I decorate, christmas decorations, candles, etc.  Then in their own baskets we walk around the table to take home alittle of each persons treat.  The reason we have this party is because I wanted to get back to the basics of what Christmas is all about. 

I didn't want a dollar sign attached to an exchaged gift.  Or the pressure of getting the best gift for a girlfriend.  This allows everyone to put some thought into their creation and make something that comes from the heart.  Plus they all get a chance to share their gift with their families when they get home.  This party is good for men too.  Start a cookie exchange and have fun with it!

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