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Marathon Race Walk -40yr- Over the Hill Finish



January 2006


Ann in West Hartford, CT USA


Over The Hill Party

Marathon, 5K Race/Walk (40th Birthday Party)  Since my husband is an avid runner, I decided to have a race/walk in his honor, followed by brunch back at our home.  Depending on the number of guests who RSVP, I may need to let the Town/Police know this is happening so they can help with traffic.  For now, I'll keep the race/walk very short, around two blocks and on the side walks. 

The invitation clearing states that the run will begin at 10:30am sharp.  I bought 40th over the hill streamer decorations to use as the ribbons that the winner will run through.  I purchased several sets of streamers, so the kids will also have a special winner, and the same decoration will be inside. 

The Birthday boy will receive a special t-shirt to wear for the race and their will be posters that read, "Go for another 40, John." Everyone will get a medal for participating, and I have special winner ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for kids and 1st and 2nd place for male and female winners.  There will be a registration table and everyone will get a number (with safety pins) to put on, and I'll put their name and city on the registration list so we can announce winners.

Drinks will include brunch food, including bananas and canteloupe, french toast (the kind you make ahead and bake so its easy), quiche, mini-donuts, coffee cake, chili and coffee, punch (I am calling "Marathon punch", oj and gatorade.  I have a megaphone and orange cones to add to the look, and we'll have an awards ceremony at the end, at which we'll say, "Representing West Hartford, in first place is Joe Smith" 

Then after the awards their will be a special award for the Birthday boy and he will be presented with the birthday cake--carrot sheet cake with a runner, a number 40 and a start and finish design in the icing.   

You can buy the medals with ribbons at a party supply/award online shop, but I am choosing to save money and attach gold coins (from World Market) to shiny gold circles made from construction paper, then glue or pin those to the ribbons. 

Friends who've asked what he'd like are providing gift certificates to a local "Fleet Feet" runners shop that my husband likes.  There will also be a kids craft related to running.

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