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Over the Hill Party (40&50yr) Diapers



October 2008


sheila in San Marcos California USA


Over The Hill Party

This is best done as a surprise party, and the more people you have from the office where the birthday person" works the better.  Encourage people to bring things that make you feel old or over the hill as gifts such as adult diapers (Depends) canes suspenders old movies denture cleansers old guy suit jackets from the thrift store tacky old ties etc.  Obviously the candidate for this type of a party needs to be someone who is not too shy who is good humored and won't take offense easily. 

Encourage people attending to dress up like old codgers.  We did this for my brother when he turned 40 and it was a riot.  My younger sister who is in her 30s dressed up like a Carol Burnett character with an old lady wig eyeglasses stuffed bosoms old lady dress etc. and her husband dressed up with an old guy wig fake mustache garish plaid jacket suspended bow tie and a cane.  We laughed ourselves silly when they walked into the party.  To add ambiance we had old black and white movies playing on the screen as people were gathering. 

Through the night we played old music from the big band era and people were invited to dance.  Some of the old fashioned board games such a checkers were available to play at some of the tables.  Refreshments were things typically served in an "old folks home" -- grilled cheese sandwiches peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cream of tomato or chicken noodle soup applesauce pudding cups tapioca pudding animal crackers cartons of milk or juice slices of cheese and crackers. 

Cupcakes with candles were served as dessert instead of a cake.  We did a bit of a "roast" for my brother.  His wife wrote the biography with the intent of causing a bit of embarrassment to my brother.  Some of his friends did the same and so there was much laughter. 

After the party some of the gifts were donated to the local convalescent center (unopened packages of adult diapers clothing canes denture cleaner board games playing cards etc.) where they were gratefully received. 

Invitations to the party were by email phone or handed out in the office and at church.  Invitations were made by hand included a candy cane on the front as a cane with an invitation to get your cane out and hobble on over to such and such place at such and such time to help so and so celebrate his journey into "old age." 

If you plan to donate the gag gifts to a convalescent center state that on the the invitation so that people can buy "gifts" accordingly.  This type of party is all about laughing and having a good time and getting to know people through old fashioned games dancing storytelling.        "

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