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Adult Scavenger Hunt - Photo Hunt Ideas



April 2003


Claire in Los Angeles, CA, USA


Scavenger Hunt Party

Here's a great idea for an adult scavenger hunt. 

Buy a couple of those tiny polaroid cameras and divide into groups.

Each group gets a list of things to find, including the mundane (oldest newspaper, menu from a restaurant starting with the letter S, etc.) and the more exciting (picture of a group member in handcuffs and blindfold).

Included in the list is a number of bars with a designated drink and each group must bring back a signed receipt from each bar (you must live in an urban area for this, or have a designated driver/limo). Very fun--and it gets easier to do the embarrassing things as the night progresses.

At the end, meet back at someone's house/apartment to figure out which team won.

The losing team can buy the winner's late-night meal. This is especially fun if played as boys vs. girls.

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