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Scavenger Hunt Party -45yr- Bday Girl Hunt



August 2003


jodi in bishop texas usa


Scavenger Hunt Party

For my mom's 45th birthday we had a scavenger hunt party. 

My brother and I told my mom we were busy on her birthday and we would do something on the week-end so it would be a big surprise. 

I made out little notes sending her all over town with hints telling her where to go.  The hints sould be simple like initials or a memory of something.  We have a lot of family in our town so I sent her to family members homes.  My brother showed up unexpectedly to be the driver.  I gave him a list of all the houses they would visit in case she couldn't figure out the hints.

He told her he was taking her and my grandmother out to dinner for a small celebration.  Earlier that day I had made out all the clues and taken them in gift bags to all the family members homes. 

When they picked up my grandmother she handed her the first bag with the clue.  After my brother and mom left each family members home that person would come to the party.  While mom and my brother were out  I went to her house and decorated it. 

The last clue sent her home and there we all were waiting to yell surprise.  She had so much fun she saved all the notes.  I had rhymed each of them.

That party was so great everyone wanted to know what party I was throwing for her the next year.  It also made everyone feel involved! this was also the least expensive party I ever threw. And the most popular!!!

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