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Playboy Bunny Party -30yr- Giant Cardboard Cake



June 2006


Cheryl in Tampa, Florida  USA

Honorable Mention

Surprise Party

For my boyfriend's 30th birthday I decided to have a vintage Playboy Bunny themed party. His friend, Mike was also turning 30, so Mike's wife helped me throw a joint surprise party since the guys have the same friends. 

For the invitation, I had my friend design a 5"x7" invite on cardstock with a tasteful picture of a pin up girl.  Here's what it said:  Charlie and Mike's 30th Birthday is here!  Come join us for fun, food and beer!  It's their Coming of Age party.  Yes, these two men have arrived!  They've reached the ripe age of thirty.  And it's going to be a SURPRISE!  It's the stuff dreams are made of.  A Midsummer Night's Dream. You'll be dazzled by the festivities With a Playboy Bunny theme!  Then it listed the date, time, etc. I made tons of decorations myself.  Outside my door I created a background for photos like you see celebrites standing in front of at Hollywood red-carpet events.  I taped and nailed up white foam board to create a 7'x8' wall.  Then I printed about 25 giant labels on my printer of the playboy bunny logo and a custom logo I created that said "Charlie and Mike's 30th Birthday Bash". 

I purchased a red shag fur at the fabric store to use as a red carpet.  Then I bought a polaroid camera on Ebay and set up a tripod, so I could snap my guests photos as they arrived.  I also purchased inexpensive white cardboard frames from a photography website for the photos to go in and I decorated them with the b-day and bunny logo stickers.  The guests flipped out over this!  Next I made a sign to hang on the door with red foil, zebra wrapping paper and a large printed picture from the Internet of the actual mansion.  It said "Welcome to the Midsummer Night's Dream Party at the Playboy Mansion, Beverly Hills."  When my boyfriend and his friend arrived at the party I did an introduction and had them put on black and red silk bathrobes over their clothes.  I handed them cigars and said, "For your bday, you get to be Hugh Hefnor for the night."  Then I elaborated on how Hef enjoys a pampered lifestyle, etc. 

My next crazy idea was creating a giant cardboard b-day cake to jump out of!  I made a frame by drilling holes in two hula hoops and sticking tall wooden dowels in to separate the hoops.  I wrapped corragated bulletin board paper around the frame and used tulle swags for side decorations.  I secured everything with a hot glue gun.  I covered the top of the cake with butcher paper and made roses out of tissue paper and candles of out paper towel rolls/gold pipe cleaners.  I wrote Happy Birthday on top with yarn.  My roommate and I wore caberet-style costumes we put together with pink fishnets, feather boas, lace corsets and pink bathing suit bottoms.  We played the "Lady Marmalade/Moulin Rouge" song while we burst through the cake! 

To be more conservative, my roommate and I acted very theatrical, like we were in a broadway show.  The birthday boys loved it and all the guests wanted us to pose for pictures with them!  By this time everyone had enjoyed a few drinks and loosened up.  So for the next activity I pulled out several white t-shirts and announced, "Now it's time for the wet t-shirt contest!"  Everyone gasped when I started handing out shirts to the closest ladies standing by me.  Then I said, "Wait! We're going to change the format!  Tonight we're having Charlie and Mike do the wet t-shirt contest and have a dance-off!"  I grabbed the shirts back from the girls and had Charlie and Mike change into the shirts.  I played clips of funny music like "P.I.M.P", "Tootsie Roll" and "I'm too Sexy". 

My roommate and I grabbed Gatoraid sports bottles filled with water and squirted them down.  It was an absolute riot watching the two of them dance all silly for their friends.  After that I changed back into my normal clothes for the rest of the party.  We had tons of food and drinks, so everyone had a great time.  Some other decorations ideas I used that went w/the theme included lighting red rose floating candles in the bathtub, using a red tablecloth with a dozen red roses in a vase on the table and throwing silk red rose petals all over the floor throughout the house.  I also found a Playboy bunny cake pan on ebay, so the cake had the bunny logo on it.  We also had red and purple streamers and tulle hanging everywhere, even from the ceiling!  It was really a unique and unforgettable party!

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