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Ultimate Survivor -50yr- Decorate the Team Car



September 2007


Heather in Inman, SC  USA


Survivor Party

My Mom loves TV Reality show, especially Survivor.  So I decide to throw my mom a 50th Birthday Survivor Party next Sat. 

I sent out invitations out to family and close friends.  The invitation had a replica Survivor logo, instead of an deserted Island I put the name of the street she lived on.  I also put in the invitation to dress in your best survivor gear.  I will have my parents side property decorated like a tribal counsel with a bonfire, tiki torches, candles, cake tent, and tribal artifact.  I will have chairs set up in groups of 5 with a team color on each.  I am then going to open up as the host of Survivor - Foster Mill, giving the players there rules and instructions for the challenges and scavanger hunt. 

They will then draw colors out of a big pot and that is the team they will be on and they will sit according.  Each team will have a packet with 5 buffs representing their team color (pink, purple, orange, yellow), a list of 50 items (w/ point values), things that will help them along the way, and a couple of envelops with Bonus challenges.  After reading the first challenge which is decorate your team car making sure that you use the words Tammy, 50, Survivor, and old. They are off collecting items, pictures, and signatures.  Ex of some are go to party city and dress up 1 team member as something goofy and take a picture(50pts)..... dress up 1 teammate as something scary and scare someone in the store and make sure you get there signature and take a picture(100pts).. Stuff like that all around town. 

They have a 2 hour limit to get as many points as possible.  The teams then come back to a 2nd tribal meeting where the team with the most points are awarded amunity, the other teams are given additional clues (# of clues depend on the # of points they have) to find a hidden idol (skeleton head) somewhere in my parents yard.  That player or team that finds that receives amunity as well. 

After that we have cake (everything is black..tablecloth, forks, cups, balloons, and maybe even the cake) and sit back for tribal counsel #3, where guest take turns roasting my MOM. 

After cake and roasting we then we vote by casting votes into the big pot, who is the sole survivor of my MOM's 50th birthday party. 

Award prizes to the person who outwit, outplays, outlast as the sole survivor.  Mom opens gifts and then people can leave when they are ready.

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