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Wine Party - Dessert with Lots of Berries



June 2004



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Wine Tasting Party

I went to several websites to look for ideas for a Wine Party since I love wine and not too many people know about them.Well I started with telling each guest to bring a bottle of their favorite white Chardonay wine, so I could have wines to serve for all the guests and since they were their favorites they were supposed to be good. 

I had a table set up with a big cooler where I put all the bottles of wine that people brought, but before putting them in the ice cooler I placed a sticker with a number corresponding to the name of the person that brought the wine. Then I made a chart with the wine numbers on the left column and generic descriptions on the top row so when the guests tried them they could give their opinion about each wine, there was one space to write their own comments, like aweful or delicious or even sheety wine and a space for them to value them from 1 to 10, being 1 the worst and 10 the best.

All they had to do is put a check mark under each description if it fit the description and if not, to write in their own words what they thought about it.Next to the cooler I put little plastic cups so they could taste each wine and a little garbage can next to the table. 

Once they found the one they liked, they drank it on their own wine glass which had their name one it which I made with my computer and a picture of grapes next to it attached to a wine ring that I bought for 12 in a package for $1.99 at Wallmart and a little charm related to wine that they also sell at Wallmart for 6 for a dollar. They had from wine openers to grapes.  so everybody will keep their same wine glass the whole party.I also decorated some tables in our swimming pool areas with burgundy and red tablecloths with some plastic grapes attached to them which cost me about $2.00 each, putting wood cutting tables on each table with cheeses and crakers and strawberrys and red and green peppers and apples.

I happened to meet a guy at a happy hour that used to sell wines so I invited him to the party and he stood up in the middle of the party to give a speech about wine wines and anybody could ask him questions for free, since if you hire a wine tasting person they want to bring and sell their own wines and they charge from $200 or more an hour and you don't even know if they are nice or not. 

I also downloaded from the internet information about wines in Spanish since most or my guests spoke spanish and made my own Wine Dictionary about the common terms used in the wine industry and how to refrigerate them and all.  In the front page I wrote a little note saying something like, Our Own Wine Book, and thank  you for sharing this great moments with us since it was our wedding anniversary. People loved it, since they did not know most of the terms and topics related to wine.  In the future they could talk with property about them after reading our book, that was our souvenir or party favour when they left the party, some people even took the wine glasses with their rings on, since I bought like 3 dozen of wine glasses at a store for $9.99 a dozen.

Since the people that came had different music tastes, I prepared several cds with 70's music, salsa music and what they call now Chill music that is played in most of restaurants and Budah music, which was given to me from an owner of a restaurant that exchanges music with me all the time.

A friend brought a dessert that goes perfect with wine which has everything related with berries, it had strawberries, raspberries mixed with a maroshino wine or something like that. Another friend brought a dessert called Tres Leches which is kind of a w hite cake with condensed milk, and I also served Pork with a green rice kept hot in aluminun burners.As soon as the guests ate, I played fast music since wine tends to mellow you out and everybody started dancing.I had bottles of wine leftovers for a week and got to try new wines.  Also we look at our chart and found out which wine had the highest score and gave a price to the winner. In this case we had a tied and two wines had the same score.

I boutht some magnets at the dollar store that were wine openers and a some bottles of wines surrounded with cheese and gave that to the winners.Since most of us were Latin we ended up singing Rancheras or Mexican Music which I prepared a CD for and got out of my garage my Mexican hats took pictures and filmed everybody and sent copies of the pictures to each afterwards.Believe me, everybody was happy but not drunk and very melow with good food, good wines and good cheeses.Hope you like my ideas.

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