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Chauffeured Wine Tasting -40yr- Winery Limo



April 2009


B in Albuquerque, NM


Wine Tasting Party

I wanted to do something special for my 40th and I knew my husband would not think of something. 

After talking with a friend of mine about how her daughter was going to the prom in a limo, I realized I'd never been in a limo - so that was part of the idea.  Where would we go - well then I decided - wine tasting at the local wineries. 

So, I told my husband and friend about these ideas and they did the planning and I knew they would add an element of surprise somehow. 

First, my husband led me to believe the limo was way too expensive, so our friends would be the chauffeurs and then we'd go out to eat somewhere and I believed it. 

When the limo showed up at the door, I was very surprised.  They had the wineries already mapped out for the driver and away we went - what fun! 

Finally at the end of the afternoon, we went to a restaurant and boy was I surprised to see all my friends and co-workers there! 

My husband had paid for wine and appetizers for everyone!  It was the most memorable b-day I think I'll ever have.

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