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Big Red Party -30yr- Red Lights & Lanterns



September 2004


Catia in Coconut Grove, FL,USA


30th Thirtieth Party

My husband is 30 years old next week on Sunday, so I am plannning a BIG party on Saturday night.  It is called the BIG RED!!! 

Everybody has to wear red from top to toe and I will decorate our backyard in red. We have a pool and Tiki hut and the pool light will be red as well as the lights lighting up our palm trees. (I got plastic paper and put it over the bulbs)

There will be little red chinese lanterns and all the drinks will be red - watermelon drinks, vodka jello, and maitai's and the other ones I will make red with food coloring!  of course there will be cranberry juice for the kids! all red pick and mix candy from Sweden!  I am making a big strawberry punch - red of course.  

Putting up red curtains by the front door so that it looks like they are entering a club and with the red carpet of course!  Red pinjatas hanging in the palm trees...  It should look like a magic RED world in our back yard!!

And we will have so muc fun!!  Lots of love  Catia

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