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Nascar Party -30yr- Nascar Trivia Game



December 2005


Nicole in Port Washington, OH 43837, USA


30th Thirtieth Party

My husband turned 30 in August, and I had planned a party for over a year. He loves Nascar and Dale Earnhardt, so I made on the computer Dale invitations.

I had it out side because I have a big back yard, it turned out to be  a nice day, but I had set up tents in case of rain. I put a bench on my deck that I keep shoes in normally and filled it with ice, and that's where I kept the canned pop and beer. I made a balloon arch (black and white for the racing colors) from one end of the deck to the other.

I covered the tables with black and white checkered table clothes that came from the flower factory. I had bought two new small tool boxes at Sears when they had them on sale, lined them with some left over checkered table covers, and pulled out the drawers and filled the with chips,nut ect.. So that was one of his gift new tool boxes!!

I also made on the computer on sheets of stickers little black and white checkered flags and cut them out and wrapped them around tooth picks, and put them on the fruit plate. But since I'v had the party I see you can buy those at party stores.

I used my laundry room as the buffet since it is right off the deck and easy to get to from outside. I just covered my washer and dryer with the black and white table cover, so you couldn't even tell it was a washer and dryer. I just went to the party store and bought black and white plates, and found black and white checkered napkins, and bought the black and white plastic forks and spoons. And of course I had racing posters everywhere. As you walked into the laundry room I had made a sign (I had help) It said ROBERT, but the letters were checkered and had baby pictures all the way up thru adult picture of him on the sign.

On his gift table I had bought indoor outdoor grass and out of poster board I made a race track and put match box  cars around the track, and wrote on the track "Dayton". That was the center piece for that table. I had balloons tied down with cheap air pressure gauges.

I had trivia Nascar game where I had found some questions to ask and the winner got a quart of oil. Which every table had a quart of oil as the center piece with black and white balloons tied to it. And had different games,and the winner took the oil home. or got to take the air gauge home.

For the kids that came I found Nascar coloring books at the dollar store, so they also had something to take home. In the one corner of the house that I didn't know what to do with I got all of my husbands Nascar hats and tied balloons to each one.

For the food it was a buffet of creamed chicken, pulled pork, baked beans, mac salad, veg. tray. I made everything myself other than the cake, and I bought that at local bakery. I also was a Dale/Nascar cake. In a basket I had chocolate bars for everyone to take home, but I had made up wrappers that were my husbands baby picture on the front, and it told everyone thank you for sharing Robert turning 30.

He was very surpised. And I had a wonderful time planning it.

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