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Airline Pilot Party -30yr- Boarding Pass Invite



August 2006


Amanda in CA


30th Thirtieth Party

Airline/Pilot Party for my husbands 30th. He is a commercial pilot.

Invites: Boarding passes for Smith Airways Flight 30 Departing city, your house, Arrival City my address, Time 7:00 pm. When guests arrived they walked through a sign above my door that said "Now boarding flight 30." Nametags were wings. I made them on the computer using standard labels and a sharpie to write the guests name.

We had a First Class Lounge in the backyard that offered Sodas, Wine, Beer and Jet Fuel Lemonade (Sprite, Lemonade, Coconut Rum and Lime Grenadine). Also made little signs next to the appetizers that read "First Class Meal Service". On the bathroom door I hung a sign that said "Lavatory." On the backdoor to the yard the sign read "Emergency Exit." I had the bartenders/servers dress in pilot and flight attendant uniforms.

The cake was done by a local bakery but I had them design a runway complete with a snowy mountain in the background. We put one of my husband"s model airplanes on the runway so it looked like it was taking off. I also decorated each table with plastic airplanes, peanuts, and plastic wings.

I hung pictures throughout the house of various airplane pictures that my husband has collected over the years. I also ordered napkins from a wedding company on-line that were dark blue with Smith Airways printed on them.

Guests went home with goodies bags filled with peanuts (you can order them in bulk on-line) and toy airplanes. Each bag had a label tied to it that read "Thank you for flying Smith Airways."

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