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Bon Voyage 20's Party -30yr- Boat D├ęcor



August 2006


Brenda in Errol, Nh, USA


30th Thirtieth Party

There are very few party ideas for a Woman turning 30 that don't involve childish themes, or making her "Over the Hill", because of this I've come up with a new idea!!  The theme is Bon Voyage 20's!!  This gives us a good adult party theme, and it doesn't demean or make fun of the Party Girl!! 

The invitations said "Oh no (name), is the bid 3-0!!  Please join us for a Bon Voyage Party to say good-bye to her 20's!! 

I have a big deck so I'm decorating with an Island Flair, Toy Boats, and Anchors, I'm also using 30 large candle stakes along my walk way to light the path to the deck. The boats will hold the chips and other snack foods. 

We'll be having the inside of the house set up for dancing with 70's music (she was born in 76).  This will be a great party!!

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