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I Love 1977 Party -30yr- Old Sayings



February 2007


Keeley in Perrysburg, Ohio USA


30th Thirtieth Party

For my Husband's 30th birthday party, I decided to have an I love 1977" themed party. He was obviously born in 1977 and we also enjoy watching VH1's I love the...I hand made the invitations that said "Turning 30 can be really tough but we can make it better if we celebrate enough". (Which we did we were up until 5:00am) I researched the 70's since I was not born until 1980. I mostly found stuff that had to do with the "hippie" side of 70's more than the "disco" side so; I went with what I could find.

For decorations we used a 70's themed lava lamp a ball of light a beaded curtain black lights smiley faces and 30 balloons. I used window markers and drew a vw bus peace signs rainbows I love 1977 and flowers on our windows and mirrors (even in the bathroom).

Online I came across some vintage buttons that had fun saying. I made a bunch of buttons. Some of the sayings were "Pardy Hardy" "Keep on Truckin'" "Don't trust anyone over 30" "Make love not war" "Go Naked" "Ban the Bra" and others. I placed these through out the house. I used bandanas as placemats. There were peace sign necklaces flower rings and glow bracelets for people to wear.

We also had t-shirts made for everyone that said I love 1977 on the front and on the back were funny pictures of my husband. Each shirt had a different picture and even our three sons had shirts. My husband had gone outside and when he came back inside everyone surprised his by having the t-shirts on. I printed off 30 pictures of people from the 70's (Google images) and pasted them on cardstock. I had them laying on the coffee table and everyone enjoyed seeing how much 70's trivia they knew.

I made a pinata that looked like a disco ball. I made a circle pinata and pasted aluminum foil squares all round it. Inside was Candy and toys for the kids and cigars for the men. The plates cups and napkins looked tie died.

For food we had things from the 70's such as chex mix easy cheese deviled eggs guacamole Frito's and onion dip cheese and chocolate fondues as well as other food. I made "special brownies". The brownies had green sprinkles in them to look like they had a special ingredient. I also made sugar cookies and decorated them with peace signs smiley faces flowers and 1977.

This party was a blast and would totally recommend having a 70's themed party."

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