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Beach Party -30yr- Treasure Hunt



July 2007


Kristina in Kansas City, MO, USA


30th Thirtieth Party

We had a beach party for my DH's 30th. Thought I'd share what we did if anyone wants to have one this summer.... This includes menu, decor, entertainment and picture of Beach Birthday Cake  Beach Birthday Dinner 2007

INVITATIONS:  Beach Party invitations, sent w/instructions to wear beach clothes.   

DECORATIONS:  Daughter made placemats using craft foam and foam stickers of fish. Each one is a different color. Each guest gets their own bright Hawaiian glass and twisty straw. Hung beach towels, balloons, inflatable parrot, and Happy Birthday poster decorated with fish.  Served food out of Sand Castle Buckets  Paper goods at Party America  FOOD:  Cake  blue icing (used spoon to make it look like waves), used crushed vanilla wafer to make sand and picture of DH on popsicle stick to have him buried in the sand Candy fish, flip flops, peach rings for innertubes and octopus. Made chocolate seashells for border. See picture at bottom. 

DINNER MENU: Pasta Shell Crab Salad , Shrimp Boil (shrimp, corn, potatoes, onions), Cocktail Sauce, Lemon Butter , Salad , Shrimp Dip for Appetizer , Pineapple Boat fruit salad (pineapple, strawberries, bananas, flake coconut) , Sour Dough Bread 

ENTERTAINMENT:  Party Begins with Treasure Hunt , Beach Music playing in background , After Dinner dance to beach music   

TREASURE HUNT:First greeted at door by DD with instructions for a Treasure Hunt. Each guest is given a Goodie Bag  for their prizes:   

1) DD hands them a Bottle with instructions inside that they are on a treasure hunt and should start by breaking the pinata in the front yard.  Pinata filled with goodies and an envelope with the clue with the next clue. Clue: What was the title of the Beach Boys Song with these lyrics?  I'm gettin bugged driving up and down the same old strip. I gotta finda new place where the kids are hip. My buddies and me are getting real well known. Yeah, the bad guys know us and they leave us alone.The title of the song is your next set of instructions.  (Answer: Get Around) 

2) Backyard (Get Around  get around the house) Beach Ball tied to the backyard gate with instructions: Inflate MeEvery Pirate needs a lovely ______. Where would one sleep at night? (Answer: Princess… DD's room) 

3) Daughter's Room.  Crab Hat w/sign Wear Me Birthday Boy and CD with envelope saying Read Me Note: Listen Song #8. Dance to it with your Pirate Princess. Where will the singer be when the boss gets hungry? (Answer: on the plate" from "Under the Sea" Little Mermaid song) 

4) Dining Room On DH's plate  Scrabble tiles jumbled. When unjumbled they spell Parrot 

5) Dining RoomParrot w/sign (hidden) Feed Me and Polly wants a _____   The sign is the clue leads to treasure chest in the cabinet where we keep crackers. 

6) Cracker CupboardTreasure Chest"

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