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Back to Youth Party -40yr- Name that Tune



July 2001


Dorelle in Tampa, Fl USA

Honorable Mention

40th Fortieth Party

40th...Back to your youth!  My husband was not looking forward to his 40th birthday, as he felt he would now be OLD! So, instead of an over the hill party, I threw a back to your youth party.

I rented a room in the local Community Center, hired a Comedian/D.J. and a local Ice Cream store to hold an in-house Sundae bar. Then I went to work. Since he was a youth in the 70's I wanted a retro look to the affair. I trotted out the artifacts that I had, a toot-a-loop radio, a Panapet radio, a lava lamp, a fiber Optic lamp, a strobe light, and pet rocks.  I placed these on the food table. I had a Mimosa fountain and a morning brunch.

I made the centerpieces, Pitch black painted vases which I decorated with stickers of smiley faces, peace signs, & rainbows. On top I placed Yellow Smiley face Beach balls. Each table had a different colored table cloth and they were decorated with 70's confetti, and candies from the 70's. I found Charleston chews, pop-rocks, candy buttons, and pixie sticks.

Each place setting started with an old LP record and a pencil which I had personalized with "happy 40th birthday", and a small pad of paper to be used later, during the games. Around the perimeter of the room I hung famous sayings from the 70's shows, and left a space for who said it, and what show it came from. Later we ran that game for 5 minutes and gave out prizes for correct answers.

Another game we played was Name that tune, with the DJ This was a surprising favorite. We did a hoola hoop swap, as you dropped your hoop, you had to find someone to fill it, or you had to continue. The last game we played was list as many TV shows from the 70's that you could in 5 minutes.

The party was a complete success, everyone had a Great time. They are still talking about it.! Make sure that you have Lots of prizes, even if they are lame, everyone likes to win something. I bought everything through the Dollar store or Oriental Trading. Everything including the catering, hall, DJ, sundae bar, decorations, prizes and cool tie dyed shirts for 7 people, came to $1500.00 This was money very well spent.

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