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Million Dollar 40th - The Money Theme



Sept 2002


Shelly in Aurora, Colorado, USA


40th Fortieth Party

YOUR WORTH A MILLION TO ME...surprise birthday party was the theme for my husband's 40th. 

Invitations were printed on my computer on the back of Million dollar bill paper. 

All guests brought a gift that had to do with Money.  Million dollar tie, million dollar boxer shorts, mugs, pens, notepads, a hat, a shirt with $100 bills printed on the entire shirt & a bunch of other creative gifts...All printed with money on them. 

I made Hershey Candy bar wrappers with a million dollar bill & HIS picture in the middle saying "your worth a million". Chocolate "coins" in dishes.

Decorations were streamers with "bills" (fake) hanging from them. I even found a big poster size of a $100 at a dollar store.  My gift was wrapped in money gift wrap.

Tables with green clothes & tableware. Cake was decorated like the candy bars...million dollar bill with his picture.

We only played 1 game, can you guess???   WHO WANT TO BE A MILLIONAIRE!!!   It was an awesome party & everyone had a great time!!!

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