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Carribean Night -40yr- Steel Band Music



April 2003


jeannette in halifax west yorkshire england


40th Fortieth Party

My husband will be the big 40 this year and I was really struggling as to what to do for him. I celebrated my 40th 2 years ago and he arranged a 70`s night which was a howl but he also arranged for the 3 children to be looked after by family and he wisked me off to Jamacia for a week. Now that was fantastic and we both still try to remember that holiday.

It was then that I decided to have a carribean night. I have been in touch with a local school that have a steel band.The room is to be decorated in the Jamacian colours, a DJ that will play plenty of Bob Marley and other soul music.

Dress will be nothing black or drab, plenty of bright holiday colours maybe some rastafarian wigs and hats.

Food will be an assortment of Jamacian and british with chicken jerk and vast platters of fresh fruit to making a beef sandwich.I`m hoping to maybe get some bar staff that could mix cocktails.

I may not be able to afford to take him away but hopefully he`ll have enjoyed his night in Jamacia. If any one has some more ideas I would be very gratefull.

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