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Turning 40 Party - Clap I'm Turning 40



Feb. 2004


Pam in Houston, TX


40th Fortieth Party

Turning 40-  Forty days before I turned 40, my Aunt sent me an invitation to my "Turning 40" outing. 40 was the theme for sure.

When she showed up there was a sign that read (Pam is turning 40)-before I left my house I had to take a picture with it. She told me I had to choose which direction to drive and when the odometer said we had driven 40 miles that is where I would eat breakfast. Luckliy there was a wonderful Cafe that served breakfast.

There was a stack of birthday cards and surprisingly the money inside totaled $40. There was a card she had taken to her office and I had a card signed by 40 people I don't know. Everywhere we went, we took pictures with people I didn't know, but were very excited to participate. Unknown to me she handed people in the restaurants, stores etc a card and they came to me and wished me a Happy Birthday. It took a while for me to figure it out since she was always by my side. 

At the end of the day she took out a box with a lid and told me to choose one of the 40 pieces of paper and whatever restaurant name was written on it, was where we were to eat dinner. Of course each paper had the same name on it and when we got there all my relatives were there to celebrate my "Turning 40 Birthday Party" 

At one time when I walked back and forth across the restaurant talking to my relatives, everyone in the restaurant would clap. When I turned around they would stop and the people in back of me would start clapping. I felt like I had a sign on my back--I did and it read " Clap she is turning 40"

When my birthday did arrive 40 days later, I didn't have time to be concerned about the hill because I had sped down it 40 days earlier

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