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Back to the Past -50yr- Hoola Hoop Contest



August 2001


Colette in New Orleans, LA


50th Fiftieth Party

For my mother's 50th b-day party, my siblings and I threw her a Back to the Past Oldies but Goody B-day Bash Surprise Party. 

All her guest was dressed in 50's attire(poodle skirts, capris, white tees , etc.)  On the invitation we stated guest must wear costume and classified party as a .10 cent waist line party. 

When guest arrived we measured their waist and money collected was placed in a decorated bottle bank which was used as a gift for my mother and we gave each guest a ticket (in which they thought was for a door prize). We hired a DJ who only played music from the 50's through 70's.

After most of the guest and the b-day girl arrived, we pulled tickets and place guest in different. Sections.

After all the tickets were pulled - the party began. Each section was giving games to play.  We played hoola hoop, jump rope, hop scotch and twister.  The pictures were done in black & white film.

After the games were over, we awarded prizes. To save money, instead of gifts, I made humorous first place and runner up certificates on the computers listing the different. Games including best custom and for the big & smallest waistline and wrote the winners name on it and had my mother sign the bottom with the parties date.

The invitation was made into a fake birth certificate with her date of the party as the date of birth , etc. The party was a great success and although slow in the beginning turned out to be a ball of fun and unforgettable memories for everyone.

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