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February 2006


Genichka in Pasadena, CA, US


50th Fiftieth Party

My mom's 50th birthday was a week ago, and boy was it a blast. I got the invitations off of google-\(that wasn't a really big deal) We invited around 50-60 women and rented our church hall.

We played four games: 

-the usual game where you have a paper(under the plate) with questions about my mom 

-we passed around a tray with ordinary objects on it(such as a pencil, a wallet, etc.) We took that tray around from table to table, and though it was ordered that guests do not "cheat" (write down the things on the plate) they did so anyway. It didn't help them much because then the woman who had brought this game forth stood on the stage and asked questions such as,"What brand was the wallet?" or "What was written on the pencil?" It was a blast.  

-The Coffee Cup Game. My mom's name has 7 letter: N A Z E L I E. I took 8 coffe cups with their plates. 7 of them a letter from her name written underneath them. 1 was extra. 

We played music in the background as the players of this game passed around only the cups facing the right way. wHEN the music stopped, the players of this game faced the cups upside down, and I called out a letter of my mom's name. Whoever had the cup with that letter written on a paper on the cup was out. We kept going until there were two people playing-one the extra, and one the winner.  

-My mom loves loves loves lipstick so i took as much as I could from her lipsticks and went around the tables and asked how many people thought were inside as my friend wrote down their names and answers. There were 64. My brother had sugggested afterwards that there should have been 50 inside(get it?  50th birthday-that'd be cool) 

I played two songs on the piano, plus three versions of Happy Birthday. We had Armenian catering(yummy-i think we still have a little bit of leftovers a week later)

During the whole party, people would go up on stage and say their experiances with Nazelie(my mom), or nice things about her or to her. This one woman even sang for her. (way to go, power to her)  I went around with the video camera as people said nice things or Happy Birthday to my mom.  

My mom's favorite color is peach and so therefore the cake was almost like a bouquet of flowers with peach flowers, and a little 50 candle or sign I can't tell, in a prominent place on the cake.

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