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Oldlimpics -60yr- Team Names like Geritol



February 2002


Cassie in Marriottsville, MD, USA


60th Sixtieth Party

60th "Old-limp-ic" Birthday Party:  My father's 60th birthday fell during the Winter Olympics, so we sent out invitations that displayed a picture of snow-capped mountains and the message, "Welcome to the 2002 Winter Oldlimpics." The word "Oldlimpics" was created in WordArt to resemble a mountain and was placed on the right-hand side of the other mountains ("over the hill").  The inside of the invitation displayed a picture of the Olympic rings, each of which contained a picture of something relating to old age, like a bottle of pills or a wheelchair. Typed below the rings was the phrase, "The thrill of Vicks, the agony of Depends." 

During the party we divided the guests into three teams (Fixodent, Geritol and Metamucil) and played games relating to each decade my father has lived.  For the 40s, the guests had to correctly answer questions about my dad's childhood.  For the 50s, we had a hula hoop contest. 

For the 60s, we played "Name That Tune," and for the 70s we played "Watergate Telephone." (Like gossip: we whispered a sentence relating to Watergate to the first member of each team, they whispered it to the next person, and so on.)  For the 80s the guests answered some Trivial Pursuit questions, and for the 90s each team had to fill in 5 keys on a blank computer keyboard diagram. 

For the 00s, each team had to pin the mustache on a picture of my balding father.  At the end, we tallied points and awarded gold, silver and bronze gift bags filled with matching colored candy, pens and pencils.  We also fed the guests with a large selection of international foods and wines.

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