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Heart Attack Party -60yr- Trivia Questions



April 2002


Amanda in Orem,Utah   USA


60th Sixtieth Party

For my father's 60th birthday we gave him a heart attack. We decorated a room at our church with hundreds of different colored and different sizes of hearts we had cut from construction and cardstock paper. (there are 6 of us bro's and sis's so each of us cut about a hundred hearts)  It REALLY didn't take long and was easy.  We just taped the hearts every where, all over the room.

We sent out invitations to all his friends and family and told them it was a surprise party. Mom told Dad it was their turn to close up the church for the night so he didn't suspect anything. We had also wrapped and decorated a washing machine box which, just after they arrived, Mom got into. We rolled it into the room and at the designated time she jumped out while we all yelled Happy Birthday!!

You've just had a Heart Attack!! We had made up a poster like the old game show Concentration where the players had to answer true or false to many questions about Dad's life (like, Dad/Gary was once a firefighter? True, He was a volunteer fireman in Roosevelt, UT) most had truth with a little twist in some.  When answered correctly the square was turned over and became a piece of a puzzle making up the sentence, "Happy 60th Dad, you're the greatest" (Smiley face (20x3)+the-e Pic of dad, FUR-F T+he pic of Tony the Tiger+est) He had to figure out the puzzle. 

We supplied cookies and punch and all had a great time.

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