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Red/White & Black -60yr- Black Lace Invite



June 2007


Maria in Compton, CA, USA


60th Sixtieth Party

Last weekend we celebrated my mother's 6oth Birthday.  I decided on black, white and her favorite color red.

The invitations (target) were white with black lace trim and a red bow on the top middle.

I went to our favorite bakery and had them make a round cake with white frosting and red trim on the top and bottom. Black polka dots around the cake, and a big red 6 0 on the top outlined in black. They wrote Happy birthday on the top and her name on the bottom in black. The cake looked really nice! For decorations we bought red and white flowers that come strung together (downtown LA)and made out of paper.

We  hung them in the patio. We used white tablecloths for a center piece I used a regular size Martinelli (apple cider) bottle. I scattered mini bottles and I sprinkled 60th confetti and red rose petals (michaels). I found some Martha Stewart labels (michaels) that had different red trimming and wrote My mom's name and 60th Birthday and stuck it over the original mini bottle label and then I took off the label around the neck of the bottle and put a foil brithday cake sticker (micahels too) and tied bow with red/black satin ribbon. For the big bottle I tied black curling ribbon around the neck and put a foil birthday cake sticker.

My dad wore black amd red and my mom wore a red dress. My brothers and I all wore black and our children wore white. We had the party catered (taco people) and we hired a performer (folkloric dancer)to come and sing while the guests ate. After the performer left the DJ stated playing his music and people began mingling and dancing.

Everyone really enjoyed the performer and I received a few calls from family and friends about how much fun they had and how great everything looked.

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