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Groovy 60's -60yr- Wrong Answer Take a Shot



May 2006


Michael in Peachtree City, Ga.


60th Sixtieth Party

My father was born in 1943 and turned 60 in 2003.  I wanted to do something than the typical over the hill, everyone wear black thing that is typically done at the 40th or 50th milestone. So, to switch gears and go more upbeat!  I came up with the "Groovy 60's" theme. 

Since this was the decade that he was in his prime I thought this would be a good way to take him back to memory lane.  I pulled up old pictures of him from the 60's- of course this is when he graduated high school, got married, had 3 kids, bought his first home, etc., etc. etc. I made a collage up and put it out for everyone to look at and comment on. 

We decorated the room with flower power,  lava lamps, slogans from the 60's like "Make Love Not War",  "Peace",  and other Hippie stuff!  I also played only music from the 60's the entire evening - "fun music"! 

Then, I pulled a suprise on him and everyone....I pulled him into a back room and dressed him up like a hippie- Tye Dye shirt, afro wig, glasses,  peace sign necklace then we played a 60's trivia game.  I had pre written trivia questions/answers with different catagories that he should know being a product of the 60's.  Sports, History, Presidents, Major events, Personal questions(love and marriage, kids) to test his memory.  He called people out of the crowd to ask the question.  It was neat to get him talking about that time period of his life! If he got it right they took a shot of liquor, if he got it wrong he took the shot.  There were about 10 questions and he did about 3 shots himself!  Lots of fun!

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