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Brave Heart -60yr- Honored In a Kilt



September 2004


Jenna in Quincy, MA


60th Sixtieth Party

Brave heart 60th Birthday party.  For my Dad's 60th birthday we decided to use his favorite movie as the theme.

The invitations were on off-white paper with an embossed gold thistle (Scottish flower) at the top of the page. The wording was in medieval and we referred to the guest of honor as William "Wallace" LaRaia. We told our guests that Scottish attire was optional but that we would have blue paint on hand for any guests who wished to 'become warriors'.  With the RSVP we also requested any stories about my Dad that they would like to share. (Before the party I typed up all the stories on vellum and put together a scrap book full of pictures and stories about the guest of honor.  People passed it around all night at the party and signed the back pages.) 

We decorated the house with heavy red Wallace plaids and yellow ribbons to match the Scottish rampant lion flag (which we also had through out the house).  We used the plaids as table clothes and draped them at the tops of the windows. We also had swords, painted shields and wrought iron sconces to add to the castle feel (lots of candle light). 

We chose several of my father’s favorite Brave heart quotes and painted them onto large banners and hung them around the house.  For example we put this one up as guests came in: The Almighty says this must be a fashionable fight. It's drawn the finest people Stephen.  We hired a bagpiper who played on our second floor balcony as guests arrived (dressed in full gear). 

We opted for non Scottish food but had plenty of McPherson wine on hand.  As the guests arrived they were given a multiple choice trivia game about my Dad.  The questions ranged from hilarious to bizarre (but all true). 

When my Dad arrived we put him in a kilt and sash.  Extremely funny considering he looks like he just walked out of the Godfather Central casting (very Italian). At the end of the evening (after grading each trivia game) I read the questions out loud with the correct answers and presented the prize to the winner of the evening. 

Everyone had an amazing evening and my Dad was thrilled.  It was a very memorable Birthday.

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