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Card Party -80yr- Cards from Family & Friends



December 2000


Sue in Roselle, Illinois USA

Honorable Mention

80th Eightieth Party

For my dad's 80th birthday, my mom and I decided to have a "Card Party". 

Since my dad has Alzheimer's Disease, we were concerned that a regular party with lots of people would be overwhelming for him to remember names and faces, and later on he would have difficulty recalling the event.

Instead we sent invitations to his friends and relatives to send him a birthday card and include any remembrance about him: a funny story, a photograph, a poem, or for the grandkids -- draw a picture for grandpa.   

Everyone loves to get mail, and for days my dad was thrilled to get over 50 cards with funny, endearing, touching notes. 

We put the cards in a binder for my dad to enjoy over and over again when he wants to.

Of course we did have a small family party because everyone should have cake and ice cream on their birthday!

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