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4-Wheeling & Fishing -80yr- His Favorite Things



April 2002


Jane in Greenville,S.C.        USA


80th Eightieth Party

For my Dad's 80 birthday party, I designed his invitations with all of his favorite things.  I used pictures of 4-wheelers (because he still rides his to the mailbox) I used pictures of fisherman, because he still loves to fish, I used pictures of hammer, saws, nails and lumber because he is always building something. And then I used the words: PLEASE COME AND HELP US CELEBRATE THE 4TH ANNIVERSARY OF OUR FATHERS 20TH BIRTHDAY..................

Everyone got a kick out of that. Then I mounted one of his cards onto poster board and used it at the entrance as a guest register. Then we had it framed as a memento of his special day. 

We had pictures and easels and posters of him through out his life and the tables were just decorated with fish lures and bobbers and things like that.  

After the dancing and the eating we had a program or anyone just volunteering to tell THEIR hunting or fishing story on my dad.

Once this got started, it was hard to stop because everyone wanted  to out-do the other. We had a lot of fun with this.

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