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80th Birthday Party - Decades of Your Life



Jan 2003


Jennie in Dayton Ohio USA


80th Eightieth Party

My grandfather is turning 80 and we are throwing a big bash.  We have rented a hall and I came up with the theme of "These Are The Decades Of Your Life". 

Prior to the party I am sending out a letter stating that the theme is a surprise.  He knows he is having a party, but not the theme. 

In the invitation, it shows all the decades from the 20's to present, and ideas (EX: 1940's USO).  Guests are to show up dressed from one of the decades that grandpa has lived in. 

I have also collected pictures of him from each decade and asked relatives to write stories they remember about him.  I am putting the date on the top and making scrapbook pages out of the stories. 

At the party, each table will be decorated with stuff from a different decade and the wall will be a display of all the pictures and stories that will be put on a timeline. 

At the end of the party, I will put all the pages into a book for him to keep.  It will be neat to see how everyone dresses and to hear their stories of him. 

When he is gone, we will have the scrapbook for great memories.

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