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Top Ten for -80th- Party Scrapbook



March 2003


Dona in Barnegat, NJ


80th Eightieth Party

Recently my mother-in-law celebrated her 80th birthday. A sheet of decorative paper was enclosed with the luncheon invitations asking guests to send a birthday greeting or fond memory of her along with a picture.

I made a scrapbook page out of each response with a theme for the page centered around the written message. I used colored paper, stickers, and a lot of ideas from Greetings Workshop.  The invitation was on the first page of the book.  

I used a take-off on David Letterman's Top Ten for the second page.  It was titled "Top Ten Reasons It's Great To Be Eighty".  It was fun using a lot of imagination here. 

The next page was a letter expressing my personal feelings about her. 

The rest of the book was the pages I put together from the responses of family and friends. At the end of the lunch, I presented her with the "Book of Memories". 

All the guests were anxious to see their part in the book and it was a big success.  I have since had pictures developed and created additional pages for the scrapbook. 

They have been arranged to tell the story of her party. Now she can look through the book and remember her special day.

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